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 Kasi Biswanath Mandira

Kasi Biswanath Mandira is situated to the left of Baisipahacha (twenty two slips).It is the temple of Lord Shiva.It is customary to visit Lord Shiva first before visiting Lord Jagannath


It is the bathing platform meant for the deities. It is situated to the north-east of Ananda Bazar and besides the Meghanada Pacheri.The length and breadth of this bathing platform is 76 feet.On the day of Snana yatra (bathing festival) the deities are brought here for a ceremonial bathing.

 The Kitchen

The Kitchen of Lord Jagannath is perhaps the biggest ever hotel in the world.One lakh people can be fed by this biggest cooking institute.There are many hearths in this kitchen and they are always kept alive with fire.This fire is known as "Baishnabagni".There are as many as two hundred cooking hearths and more than seven hundred "Supakars" (cooks) have been employed to look after them,generally sacrificial fire is used in the hearths.

 Isaneswar Mahadeva

The temple of Isaneswar is situated near the elephant gate.Most portions of the temple is hidden underground.The festivals like "Sivaratri" and "Ashokastami" are observed here every year.

 Koili Baikuntha

It is situated near the north gate.Here Lord Krishna had appeared in the form of a Cuckoo bird to Sri Radha and hence this place is known Koili Baikuntha.It is otherwise known as "Deba Nirbanabhumi".Here the pandavas has buried the sapphire like body of Lord Krishna after his demise.There is an age-old Salmali creeper here.The woods for "Nabakalebara" are kept hidden here.

 Sunakua (Golden Well)

There is a well to the north-west of the main temple.It is known as "Sunakua".On the day of "Snanayatra" (bathing festival) the deities are bathed with the water brought from this well.

 Janama Kunja

It is situated beside Koili Baikuntha.This is a pit where the old bodies of the deities are buried during "Nabakalebara"(assuming of new bodies).At the deities assume their new bodies here,it is known as "Janama Kunja".It is surrounded by trees and creepers.

 Satya Narayana Mandir

In this temple there is a beautiful image of Lord Bishnu (white clad and having four arms) made of black granite.Every day there is a good rush of devotees here to have a joke of him.During the sandal past offering to the deities,their ornaments are kept here.It is believed that for liberation the darsan of Satyanarayana is quite imperative.

 Puruna Roshghar (Old Kitchen)

Previously the "prasads" (food offerings) were being prepared here but due to constant rise in the workload it was later shifted to new-kitchen.The old kitchen is also known under the name of "Merda Roseighar".

 Kalpa Bata (Desire Fulfilling Banayan Tree)

Three banyan trees are seen in the vicinity of "Mukti Mandapa".But the one which stands to the west of Satya Narayana and to the north of Hari Sahadeva is the real Kalpabata.The others are its off shoots and branches.this tree is also known under other names like "Devanashan bata","Akhayabata","Banchhabata" and "bansibata".During the great deluge (Mahapralaya), as the Scripture says,the Kalpabata was not submerged under water.Lord Bishnu was floating over water while slipping on one of its leaves.Kakabhusandi has gained four arms due to his fall from this tree to "Rohinikunda".It is one of the most antique things of Puri.

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