The ritual services of Lord Jagannath and other deities of the Jagannath Temple are performed by a vast number of functionaries called Sevakas.It is believed that King Anangabhima Deva of the 13th century A.D. introduced Chatisanijoga or thirty-six categories of attendants in the Jagannath Temple.Prior to this,there were only nine Sevakas.In later years,there was a considerable increase in the number of Sevakas and according to C.Grome,collector of Puri in 1805,there were as many as 250 categories of temple functionaries.The Record-of-rights prepared under Sri Jagannath Temple Act,1952 gives a detailed account of the duties and privileges enjoyed by 150 categories of temple attendants.The rights of the Sevakas are in most cases hereditary. The Sevakas belong to different castes and are all equal in importance in relation to Lord Jagannath.Chatisanijoga refers to the thirty-six categories of servitors,who are further divided into several classes.However,a detail list of some kinds of sevas and sevakas is given below.

Sevaka or Servitor Seva or Service
Raja (king) of Puri Superintendent.(At present one of the Members of the Temple Committee).
Mudiratha or Mudirasta He officiates for the Raja in Cherapahara and other functions when the Raja is prevented from performing them for some reason or other.
Chatisa Nijoga Nayak He had vast power and functions in the past but many have disappeared at present.He is of the puspalak class and had the key of the Bhandara till 1930.He is to execute all orders of the temple authorities and to see that all the sevakas do their duty properly.Performs Sari Bandha ceremony.
Bhandar Mekap In charge of Bahar Bhandar containing all the jewellery etc.,required for the daily use of the Deities.
Parichas Parichas were at one time managing the temple whose work is now reduced at present to hold a gold cane at the Sakala Dhupa Patuara and in certain festivals.
Deul Karana He keeps accounts of the Bhandar,Changada Gharas,transfer of Seva and distributes Parvani Kheis.
Tadau Karana He keeps accounts of the Bhandar and as Tadau puts seals in functions when required and puts dates about all Niti.
Charchiat Charchiat sees that the nitis are performed regularly.
Brahmins or Purohits Brahmins or Purohits,including Deul purohits make Ratha Anukula,Abhisek,etc.Sri Bimala Pujak performs puja in Shola-puja and Shrotriya.Brahmins are deputed for Navakalebar to performs as Acharyas and the various other ceremonies.
Pujakas Pujakas consisting of Puja Pandas perform puja i.e., Naivedya for the deities.Bada-panda is also a puja panda appointed to see that other puja pandas perform their duties regularly.
Daitas Daitas work on special occasions like Navakalebar,Car festival,Anabasar etc.
Patis Patis work with Daitas but who have got other special functions,being Brahmin Sevakas.
Duttas Duttas work for Shrimukh Simhar.
Khuntias Khuntias of various kinds like Palia Khuntia,Behera Khuntia,Bilaijaga Khuntia,Rukuna Harana Khuntia etc.,their main duty being to pronounce Manima Daka, etc., and watch the Deities.
Changada Mekap Changada Mekap is in charge of deities clothes and other Mekaps like Palia Mekaps have specific duties to perform.Akhanda Mekap is to light Ratna Dipa of the Deities from Dwarafita to Pahuda.
Padhiaris Padhiaris guard the Deities,go to call for Bhogas and are to look to the safety of the pilgrims.
Gochikars Gochikars belong to padhiari class who watch Jaya-Vijaya Dwara.
Binakar Binakar plays Bina to the deities before thay go to sleep.
Bhitara Gayeni Bhitara Gayeni sings songs at the time of pahuda and at other festivals.
Samprada Nijoga Samprada Nijoga, i.e., dancing girls who dance at the time of patuara.
Madeli Madeli plays Madala at the time of patuara.
Sankhua Sankhua plays with Sankha with Baijayantries.
Kahalia Kahalia blows Vije Kahalia.
Ghantua and Ghanta Nijoga Ghantua and Ghanta Nijoga work with Bells daily and on festivals
Gitagovinda Sevaka Gitagovinda Sevaka recites Gitagovinda before the Lord at Chandan Lagi.
Chakra Dihuri and Chamu Dihuri Chakra Dihuri and Chamu Dihuri carry masals at festivals,etc.
Simharis or pasupalakas The Simharis or pasupalakas dress the Lords in clothing and adorn them with flowers at all times and perform their Avakasha Puja.
Suara Badus Suara Badus(Bhoga Saita Suara Badu,Behera Suara Badu) wash the pokharia several times,supply Khata,Chauki etc.
Patri Badus Patri Badus supply Puja Upakarans throughout the day.
Garabadu Garabadu serves the Gods by supplying water at times of Pujas and other nitis.
Sudha Suara and Anasara Sudha Suar Sudha Suara and Anasara Sudha Suar make preparations for puja (pujathan at Ballav Bhoga etc.)
Muduli Muduli keeps charge of puja utensils and other daily puja Upakarans and supplies to Mekaps.
Hadapa Nayak,Bidia and Tambul Sevak Hadapa Nayak,Bidia and Tambul Sevak serve to prepare and carry betel to the Lords.
Ghatuaris Ghatuaris to prepare and serve Anjana,Chandan and Mahadipa for daily and parbajatra nitis.
Tulasia Tulasia supplies Tulasi leaves daily.
Dayanamalis Dayanamalis supply daily scented flowers.
Mahabhoi Mahabhoi supplies curd and other milk products.
Pani-apata Pani-apata supplies water required in the temple throughout the day.
Balita Sevak Balita Sevak supplies Arati Balita.
Kumbhar Bishoi Kumbhar Bishoi supplies Handi and Kudua and other pottery required daily.
Doudia Doudia supplies rope to draw water from Shri Bimala Well.
Malacula Sevak Malacula Sevak supplies Chula,etc.,for some festivals.
Mulia Suansia Mulia Suansia supplies Khata Pidha,etc.
Joganias Joganias for Kotha Bhoga,Parvajatra,Ballav and Bahar Deuli to carry articles and Ballav and supply them at required places.
Bimanabadus Bimanabadus carry all Bije Bimans,etc.
Chapa Behera and Dolias Chapa Behera and Dolias work to prepare Chapas.
Ratha Bhois Ratha Bhois work and supply labourers for construction of cars.
Kalabethias Kalabethias drag the cars.
Karatias or Sawers Karatias or Sawers work for car Construction.
Tamra Bishoi Tamra Bishoi works as copper-smith in car festival.

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