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 Ananta Basudeva Mandir

This temple seems to be very old one.It is situated to the west of "Kurmaprachira".In this temple "Mukhasala" (the front portion of the main temple) is bigger than the "biman" (the main structure of the temple).A common saying in Odia has been emerged out of this disproportionate idea that "Mandiraru Mukhasala Badhigala" which means the ebtrance gate became larger than the house.

 Mukti Mandapa

As the scriptureer,during the installation ceremony of deities Brahma stayed at Mukti Mandapa for some time.Hence it is called Brahmasana.It is situated to the south gate of Jagannath.Its length and breadth is 38 feet each.The root of this Mandapa is upheld by sixteen strong pillars.Histories opine that it had been built during the region of king Prataparudra Deva.Spiritual conference is held here by Pundits.It has got its own library and office.

 Nrusingha Mandir

This is also known as Yajnya Nursingha or Mukta Nrusingha.Nursingha is the important deity of Srimandir.This temple faces towards east and it has a rockdict.During the Nabakalebara Brusingha is recognised as the presiding deity of Srimandir for the time being.

 Madana Mohana

The temple of Madana Mohana is situated to the west of the south gate of Jagamohana.It is adjacent to main temple.Madana Mohana is the movable representative of Lord Jagannath.


Infront of Bimala temple there is a beautiful image of Ganesh made of black granite.He is dancing on the Rat,his vechile.

 Bimala Mandira

The chief Goddess of Jagannath temple is Bimala.The food offering given to Lord Jagannath becomes Mahaprasad only when it is again offered to Goddess Bimala.After Dakhyayajnya the dead body sati on siva's shoulders was out into pieces of the wheel of Bishnu.The severed feet of sati and dropped here.Here in this Khetra Lord Jagannath is acknowledged as Mahabhairab and Goddess Bimala as Bhairabi.During Dussera Bimala is worshipped according to sixteen codified worshippers rights of Durga.

 Sakhigopal Mandir

King Purusottam had become victorious in kanchi was due to blessings of Lord Jagannath.On the way back from kanchi he has brought the image of Sakhi Gopala installed it in Srimandir.But later Sakhigopala was shifted to Satyabadi by leaving the temple behind to perpetuate his memory.

 Panchashakti Mandir

In this temple five "adimatrukas" are worshipped in accordance with Shakti Puja.These adimatrukas are Saraswati,Gayatri,Sabitri,Sasthi and Bhubaneswari.It is customary to make prostrations before these adimatrukas prier to visiting Lord Jagannath.

 Mahalaxmi Mandir

The temple of Goddess Laxmi is situated at the 'Bayu Kona' of Srimandir.It has been ramified into four such as Bimana,Jagamohana,Nata Mandir and Bhoga Mandir.The architecture of this temple is superb.Devotees generally sit a while in this temple after having visited Maha Laxmi.Special Puja are performed during festivals like Snanayatra,Bahuda Yatra,Dwadasi Niladri Bije,Jhulana Yatra,Janmastami,Nandostav,Sri Radhastami,Kumar Purnima,Dyuta Krida,Dussera,Ekadasi,Laxmi Narayana and Nrursimha besha,Pusa Purnima and Rukmini bibaha etc.

 Pateleswari Mandir

The Pateleswari temple is situated to the west of the north gate of the Kurma prachira.Some portion of the temple lies under ground.King anangavima Deva had built this temple.

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