Temples inside Puri Town
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Temples outside of Puri

Sri Lokanath Temple

This temple is ranked next to the Shri Jagannath temple. In ancient time,puri was also a seat of Saiva worship. Legend says that the 'Linga' of the Lokanath temple was installed here by Lord Ramachandra. The Lokanath temple is situated about 3 kilometres away from the Jagannath temple on the Western outskirts of the town.Its presiding deity, Lokanath, a Linga, remains always under water in a small square vat, fed by a natural spring of the near by Parvati tank. It is visible only on the night of 'Pankadhar Ekadasi' before the Sivaratri, when all the water is bailed out to enable thousands of the devotees to see and worship the Lord. People who suffer from incurable diseases come here for Prayer. Some of them are believed to have been cured due to divine grace.

Lord Lokanath's 'Bije Pratima'(His representative image) is in the Sri Jagannath temple known as Bhandar Lokanath. He is the Guardian deity of the temple treasure house . Lokanath is associated with Jagannath in several rituals, like Sivaratri, Chandana Yatra, Sital Sasthi etc.

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Jameswar Temple

To the siuth of the great Jagannath temple about half a mile away, there is a small temple said to have been built by the ruler of nether regions-Yama-the God of death. This temple is connected with the rituals of Chandana yatra, Sagar Bije, Ashram Bije, Sital Sasthi, Champak Dwadasi etc.

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Kapala Mochan Temple

Situated South-West of Sri Jagannath in the manikarnika street, this temple has connected with certain rituals of Sri Jagannathtemple,e,g. chandan yatra, Sital Sasthi.

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Markandeswar Temple

Markandeya is one among the Pancha Pandavas. God saved Markandeya from a severe danger from sea. The place where God saved Markanda is known as Markandeya, the holy place, on that particular spot Markandeya remained on meditation for a long time. He also grasped the sprit of Bhagabat, He also arranged a 'Yangya' on that spot. The water of holy India is circulated on the place and so the place is challenged as one of the holy places.

This temple situated in the Markandeswar street by the side of the Markandeswar tank, to the north of the Jagannath temple, it is connected with the rituals of Chandan yatra, Balabhadra janma, Ashram Bije, Sital Sasthi, Kaliyadalan etc. of the Jaganath temple. There are ancient stone inscriptions in the temple pertaining to the Ganga dynasty.

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Nilakantheswar Temple

Situated on the bank of the Indradyumna temple, to the North-East of the Gundicha temple, it is connected with Chandana yatra, Sital Sasthi rituals. There are some other Nilakantha temples in Puri.

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