Apart from Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri is also famous for its Sakta temples. In Puri there are several temples dedicated to Sakta deities such as Varahi, Ramachandi, Bhubanesvari, Harachandi, Daksina Kali, Shyamakali, etc. There is a small temple dedicated to goddess Kali at Bali Sahi. This temple is known as Dakshinakali Temple. It is situated towards the south-eastern side of the Lord Jagannath Temple on Bali sahi. Tourists can approach the temple by using the road leading towards Swargadwar from Singhadwar (Lion's Gate) of Lord Jagannath Temple, on the left side of this road there is a diversion to Kalikadevi lane. After enetring this lane you can find this temple on the right side.

Daksinakali Temple is facing towards east and the presiding deity is Goddess Kali. The deity is chatrubhuja (four armed) and seated on a corpse. She is shown as drinking blood, with a sword and holding severed head of a demon in two of her hands. If Kali steps out with her right foot and holds the sword in her left hand, she is a Dakshina Kali. If she steps out with her left foot and holds the sword in her right hand, she is Smashan Kali (Kali worshiped near the cremation ground).

The deity is enshrined in a modern temple at a higher raised platform from the road level. Festivals like Kali Puja, Deepavali, Durga Puja, Kumara Purnima, Chaitra Mangalabara, etc. are observed in Dakshina kali Temple with great devotion. On the auspicious day of Kali puja thousands of devotees visit the temple to offer their prayer to Goddess Kali to get her blessings.

Dakshina Kali Temple has important religious associations with Jagannath Temple and it is believed that Daksinakali is the guardian of the kitchen of the Lord Jagannath Temple. Puranic tradition says that in Puri, Lord Jagannath is regarded as Daksinakalika. Goddess Dakshinakali plays an important role in the 'Niti' of Saptapuri Amavasya. Tourists come to visit Lord Jagannatha temple, also visit the this temple.

Dakshinakali Temple Photo Gallary

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