Destination Summary
Famous for Sea Beach and Sea Mouth
Nearest Attractions Chandrabhaga, Ramachandi, Konark, Kakatpur, Kuruma, Chaurasi, Beleswar
State/Country Odisha/India
Located at Eastern Coast of Odisha, India
Distance From Puri 8 KM
Mode of Transport Road (Bus and Taxi)
Nearest Airport Bhubaneswar - 62 KM
Best Time to Visit October to June
Local Language Odia
Other languages Hindi, Bengali and English

One of the famous sea side resort of Odisha, Balighai is situauted at 8 kilometers from the holy city Puri on the Puri-Konark marine drive road. The exact geographical location of this place is LONGITUDE 85� 57' 0 E and LATITUDE 19� 52' 0 N. Situated by the side of the Bay of Bengal and at the mouth of the river Nuanai, Balighai provides the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to experience the union of the calm river with the turbulent sea. Most part of this place is fringed by lovely causarina trees. This place is also famous for shy Baliharina deers who reside in this area. Now its very rare to sopt a deer in this area, if you are lucky then you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Baliharina deer. Another special attraction of this beach is the Sea Turtle Research Centre, where you can watch the large turtles fluttering around in their tanks.

Balighai sea beach attracts lots of domestic and overseas visitors to enjoy the natural scenery. The magnificent sunrise and sunset site of the beach is an unforgatable experience for touristis. Tourists can also enjoy sunbath on the neat and clean sea beach and explore the gift of nature by boat riding on the nuanai river.The scenic beauty of this place is ideal for group picnic with family, friends and your beloved.

The best time to visit Balighai beach is during October to June. It is well connected and easily accessible by motorable roads and railway tracks. The nearest rail head is Puri. It will take less than 2 hours journey to reach balighai by taxi or bus. Tourists can also enjoy the natural beauty of Puri-Konark marine drive while driving.

Aerial view of the meeting place of river nuanai with the Sea

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